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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The burbs and the bees.

I never really write in this thing. I guess I should do that a little more often.

Well, I've officially moved back in with my parents in Snellville. All of my stuff was crammed into the basement and I've been trying to sort through it all week. It's one of those things that it's such a huge mess that you don't even know where to start. Despite some shitty feelings between me and the ex-roommate, the move went pretty smooth. I'm going to stick with my original thoughts on roommates....DON'T HAVE THEM. Live alone. Period.

Chris put back together my bookshelf and hooked up all my DVD-TV-Cable Box-VCR stuff for me. What a doll! I guess that's what boyfriends are for though, right?

I'm struggling to get through this week at work. I leave Friday at noon to go to the beach. We're staying at a house right on the beach. You literally walk out the back door and there's the ocean. I need a vacation like Brittany's kids are going to need a therapist so I couldn't be more excited. Sadly, I can only stay through Sunday because I cannot take more time off of work. It was a bad move to use all my vacation days so early in the year. Lord help me.

But anyway...all my current frustrations will be gone soon. It's nothing serious. Just needing to get away from some people and get some stuff done.


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