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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bad People

As much as I complain about the difficulties of raising a strong willed little girl, Martha is so sweet and funny and smart it amazes me.

Yesterday after work Chris and I packed a dinner and took the kids to the park. Martha played for a little while but then needed a diaper change. I took her up to the bathrooms and was going potty myself when she started to unlock the stall door.

Me: Martha, close that door and lock it back.
Martha: Why?
Me: Because it's dangerous.
Martha: Why?
Me: Because there are some bad people in the world that might want to steal you.
Martha: But sometimes there are good people that don't want to steal me.
Me: Yes, that's true, but we just have to be careful. Now lock the door, I'm peeing.

As everyone knows, there were 2 bombs that went off at the Boston Marathon yesterday afternoon. Reports were still coming out when we were at the park, so the conversation with Martha was fitting. I'm always weary because there are bad people in the world that want to hurt people, steal kids, destroy lives, etc. But then there's the good people that want to help and save and keep people safe.

I'm glad Martha sees the good.


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