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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I feel sort of like freaking out. Turns out I have to take the COMPASS test before I can be considered for the EMT program that I was hoping to start in July. I also found out today that the class size is 35. I'm not sure of the demand for admittance into this program, but I have a feeling it's more than 35 considering it's the only place (other than Medix in Smyrna) that you can get training. It's like I have to take the SAT's all over again. Last year when I took those I was so relieved to have it over with. Now, I have to take this more important test that's pretty much determining my fate.

I guess if I don't do well they'll recommend that I take a few classes to prepare me and then I can try again for the class starting in Winter.

I just want to get it started. I just want to do it. I've talked and thought and planned and now this... I might not even get into the class until 6 months later than I'd wanted to. I'd already be finished and working a few months by that time if I get in the July class! Ugh.

It just seems like every time I try to do something productive and useful with my life it's 2 steps forwards and 5,000 steps back.

Now I have to get my SAT study guide back out and get to it. Pile that on the list of things I need to do before the wedding.


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