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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

So, it's Valentines Day. You know what me and Chris are doing? Nothing.

I don't want a card or flowers. And my thighs sure don't need chocolate. Chris checked with me like 5 times to makes sure I wasn't just testing him or something.

I promised him that I am more than ok with us going out to dinner on Saturday as a family. Really, we would have normally done this anyway.

A card and flowers would be nice for like 30 seconds, but then they'd be unappreciated. The card would get tossed and in a week the flowers would be dead. (The cats would try to eat them in the process.) I'm aware that makes me sound ungrateful. Honestly, I just think it's a waste of money. I'd rather it be put toward something that we need (like a bigger crock pot) or something that we want (like a new mailbox).

So, happy Valentine's Day, all you sappy fools! Tonight I will eat leftovers and go to bed early.


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