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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Y'all, I'm not playin'

I have had the worst stomach virus for the last 24 hours. Never have I ever in my life had anything like this before. I've tried all kinds of medicine and nothing helps. Last night I was doubled over in pain from stomach cramps that occurred every 2 minutes which was followed my my stomach muscles throbbing. I told Chris it literally felt like when I was having contractions when I was in labor with Martha. It was that bad.

I feel as though the end MUST be near, as I have been suffering for a full 24 hours now. Please, God.

In other news...

Martha and I went to TN this past weekend through Tuesday. She stayed up there with my Mom the next 2 days, and she should be back home this evening. Chris hasn't seen her for almost an entire week. He's about to go nuts missing her.

We had a good time seeing a lot of the family that's up there. I wish Nick would have made it over to Noni and Paw Paw's, but I'm sure we'll see him at Christmas time. And of course Heather and her family were coming in town a week after I left. That always happens! We always just barely miss each other. Dangit.

I shot some video and am in the process of editing it into a short highlights video of the weekend. It's nice to have things like that to keep for memories. I hope Martha likes watching herself as a toddler on video when she grows up.

Ok, so I know most of you don't follow the Casey Anthony trial, but I do. So I must mention that the defense will most likely rest their case today. Which means Judge Perry (The Velvet Hammer) will ask Casey Anthony if she's sure she doesn't want to testify (if she hasn't already) and then I suppose the jury will go into deliberations. That is, as long as The Velvet Hammer denies the motion for mistrial that he had previously held off on and said he'd give ruling prior to getting a verdict. I'm pretty excited to see how this all turns out.


At 12:55 PM , Blogger Heather Mayberry said...

i made it into a blog! and can i say that i hate that we can't ever see each other? do you realize that i've never even met chris? we have to figure this out! sorry that you're so sick! that sucks, but at least your childless while you suffer. and i have been following the trial. via people. it's interesting! feel better!

At 4:37 PM , Blogger Shaunna Faye said...

Hopefully Christmas time we'll be there at the same time. It's got to happen!

At 11:55 AM , Blogger Brooke said...

So sorry you feel so bad! You may have already tried it, but have you taken any Emetrol? It's an over the counter nausea/vomiting medicine and it's the only thing that has ever worked for me in the very few times I've ever been pukey. It has worked for me with both viruses and the self-induced misery of hangovers. It burns like a shot of wiskey going down but if you can keep it down for just a couple of minutes it may work its magic for you like it's done for me on several occasions. :) Feel better soon!


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