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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Martha in the Summertime

New video camera means fun with shooting and editing. I have only ever used a real video camera one other time in my life that I can remember. It was huge and required a full size VHS, if I recall. Now, I'm using an HD camera that has 16 GB of built in memory, plus room for more with additional memory card, of course. Fancy stuff. After I shot about 28 minutes of Martha doing random stuff throughout the day yesterday, I sat down last night and learned iMovie. The basics, really. There's much more to it that I'll learn as time goes by and I have more material to work with. And after watching the raw video I took, I definitely need to learn some tricks for preventing a shaky camera, for sure.

So, this is what 28 minutes of video, and an hour and a half of beginners editing makes:

Martha in the Summertime


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