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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th of July

We had a very boring 4th of July. Since Martha is still young and acts like a monster when we try to keep her awake past 8:00, we weren't able to go watch any fireworks. Plus, it was all kinds of gross and rainy outside. Wet everywhere. So being out there would have been nasty.

We dressed her up anyway though. And I'm super excited that she'll finally leave a bow in her hair now.

We did go swimming at the Swanson's the day before though. I got her to leave these sunglasses on for a good 30 seconds. Score!

We're trying to figure out how we can afford to take a cruise sometime soon. Sure, the cruise is only $250-ish a person during the time we want to go, but then you have the cost of driving or flying to Florida, plus cost of a hotel the night before if your boat leaves in the morning. We were even considering a weekend cruise and then staying in Orlando for a day afterward to extend the vacation, but then there's costs that go along with all of that too. So, should we drop a grand on a 4-5 day vacation? Well, no, we SHOULDN'T. But will we because this will be our last vacation for at least a few years probably? We're still not sure... We're going to sit down tonight and see where we can come up with this money. Yard sale, anyone?


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