Shaunna Faye

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Anybody want a peanut?

Seriously, anyone want a kitten?

That last post about my brother's fiance having to move in with her 2 dogs. Well, I heard today that she's also bringing her 8 cats. Maybe just 6 depending on how many she can give away today or how many her mom can take. They think they've found homes for 2 of the 8.

For real....if you've ever wanted a kitten, today is the day to get one. If we don't find homes for them then there will be a grand total of 6 people in this house and at least 11 animals all together.

For the love of God, take a kitten.

Take. A. Kitten.

I can even send you pictures later tonight when they get here.


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