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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh the times...

It's difficult dealing with friend changes. Peoples priorities changes over time and I think marriage has shifted me into a whole new....I don't even know how to put it....position? place? area? Maybe it's not even marriage that did it. Maybe I'm just (dare I say it) growing up.

I've come to grips with being a "second string" friend with certain people lately. Should that even be an option? To be someone's second choice? I know I'm not a bad person to hang out with. I know I have fun when I go out with friends, and it seems that they have fun too, but when I'm stacked up against the Cool Kids and the Trinity Boys, I don't have a chance.

It's hard to just let them go instead of get angry. Most of the time I want to just ask them why I'm being pushed to the back burner for "other" or rather "better" plans and people. But I already know the answer. So I've learned that I can just forget about saying anything because it will make no difference. Anyone that's being told that they're making someone else feel like they don't matter will always be defensive.

So what's the solution to this So Over It situation? Well, nothing. I'll probably branch out a little bit. Start hanging out with old friends that I haven't had much time for. Probably make a few new ones. Most likely will hang out with my family a whole lot. Speaking of my family....I'm glad we're all growing. Producing babies, getting married, etc. I love big families and I plan on doing my part with at least 3 kids. Hopefully 4 if I can afford it.

Anyway, I'm not as Spit On Your Face pissed off as I was last night about the whole situation, but mainly because I've dealt with this exact same situation before with the exact same people. I've officially thrown in the towel and I'm moving on.


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