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Friday, January 09, 2009

You can work from home.

School started this week. So far...pretty average. I'm taking 2 online classes. Composition & Rhetoric and Medical Terminology. I feel like I've written that in here recently, but I'm too lazy to go back and look.

I finished with my first 3 ENG assignments in one evening. The first 2 Medical Terminology assignments are a LOT more in depth. I'll be making a trip to Target tonight to pick up some dang flash cards. Yeah, I said it. Flash cards.

A study was done and it turns out that using red ink on yellow paper helps to put the information your looking at in your long term memory. Interesting.

Also, how can a teacher for an online class tell you that books and notes are not allowed on tests? Are they looking through the computer at me while I'm testing?

No, I get it...if you learn the information then you won't need the notes. Also, you need to know the stuff for the final anyway. All very true. But using your notes and book for a quick reference if you don't quite remember a thing or two on your tests isn't gonna hurt you. Just sayin...

Maybe the teacher should say "It's strongly recommended that you use your books and notes as little as possible on the tests, considering they're timed and you need to know the dang stuff anyway."

I listened to Rilo Kiley all day at work today.

"Judging from picture books apparently heaven is a partly cloudy place
And if the sky opened up and they let you in and gave you a formal invitation
Would you go?
You can work for home"


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