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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On my side.

Maybe karma is on my side after all... My car only costs $200 to fix. Not $500 like I thought. We're going to pick it up tonight as well as go check out a Hondamatic Chris is looking into buying. I know I'll eat my words saying this, but I'm pretty sure we should have just gotten him his motorcycle when he wanted it last year instead of buying the Vespa. But, the past is the past. We sold the Vespa and now he'll have what he wanted all along. I swear if it ends up sitting in the garage unused like the scooter they'll be heaven to pay.

I'm going to list my Hyundai on Craigslist in a few days when I get it all cleaned up. If I can sell it for what I want, I'll be getting a bigger vehicle soon. No financing crap though. Straight up cash. My goal is to never have to make monthly payments on a car again as long as I live. I'm hoping to find a Jeep, small-ish SUV, or some kind of wagon. Definitely need something with 4 doors. Definitely going to go by Kent's car lot. Hoping he could cut me a little bit of a deal since my brother is married to his daughter. We'll see.

So, Clomid round 2 starts next week. We'll give it another go.


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