Shaunna Faye

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Have you ever thought about giving up on life? If so, when and why?

Seriously giving up on my life? No. In a depressed "I hate how things are going right now and I don't see it ever getting better" sort of way that I knew I wouldn't actually give up on life, but it crossed my mind...sure.

When? It was in a very bad, dark time of my life that I don't like to recall much.

Why? Like I said...things were really crappy and I couldn't imagine them ever getting better. I was lonely. I had no friends. I had no way of meeting new friends.

So, what turned it all around? I snapped back to reality. I realised that things could get better and that with some time and effort they would. And they did. I do attribute a lot of the getting out of my black hole to my friend, Darrel. He'd just gotten back from Scotland (where he did YWAM for 6 months) and he kind of helped me get back on my feet. He introduced me to new people, took me to the church he'd been going to (which really helped me meet more people), and basically just showed me that I was someone that people wanted to be around. And that's all I really needed to know, I guess. That people would want to hang out with me. I gained confidence and made friends.


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