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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Every time spring rolls around I get this itch to try to make the outside of our house look nice. I guess everyone does that. Last year I couldn't do anything because I had a newborn baby, but the year before that I planted a TON of flowers and even started a raised garden. I actually grew some squash!

This year's list is out of control. First of all, there are several boards on the outside of our house that need to be nailed back in place. They're sort of falling off. It's a quality home we have, ya know. Then there's the paint peeling off our front porch and sidewalk. It's been like that since the first time it rained after we moved in. I think someone used the wrong kind of paint. These are just a few of the thing that need to be fixed.

We also need to clean out the gutters, pressure wash the patios and driveway, pull up all the weeds in the yard, and probably do some tree and bush trimming.

And then there are the projects that I want to do that are more voluntary and that I created just for me. Like painting the front door a new color and installing the new door handle, painting the patio table, and spraying the brass light fixtures to make them look new and updated.

But our main project is getting done on Friday. We're focusing right now on installing the new mailbox and re-vamping the mailbox area landscaping. We are making a stone flower bed around the new mailbox.

I'll be doing before and after photos of all the projects, of course.


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