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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

April is insane.

The month of April is just nuts. There's something going on all the time.

Chris mentioned to me this morning that my birthday is tomorrow. "Oh yeah. I forgot." Ha ha. We never do anything on my actual birthday, EVER, so the 7th doesn't really mean much to me other than that I will technically be 28 years old.

We're leaving Martha with my parents on Friday night while we go to Braves opening day and then we leave eeeeeeeearly Saturday morning to drive to Orlando for my friend Tiffany's wedding. We'll be down there until Monday.

I can't believe I'm leaving Martha for 3 nights! I've never done more than 1 night before. This is just crazy. I'm sure we'll hurry back on Monday before I go completely insane from missing her. And I'm 100% positive that I'll watch videos of her on my phone the whole weekend.

So, that's this weekend. Next weekend is Martha's birthday party. Chris's mom is coming in town that Friday. I'll be doing party prep on Saturday, then the party is Sunday afternoon at my parent's house. I'm still in disbelief that she will be 1.

Speaking of Martha growing up...
She's CONSTANTLY saying "Who's that" now and pointing to anything that's near her.
And I don't know how she became so obsessed with dogs, but she looooves them. She even barks. And I will tell you...the accent she has when saying the word "dog" is probably the cutest southern accent you'll ever hear. Definitely more of "dawg" than "dog." I'm ok with that.

Here's proof:


At 5:27 AM , Blogger Heather Mayberry said...

she is too cute! it's nuts how much time flies when you have a baby. phillip told me the other day that ava was getting too big and not "baby" anymore and that it was time for another one. i laughed at him. we want more but i'm not ready. anyway, it stinks that we couldn't coordinate our orlando trips. we were there a week and a half ago! have fun!

At 11:03 PM , Blogger A Lil Story said...

too stinkin cute. we have an event going on at Sailor Studio on Sunday- but hopefully Goose will bring the boys to the party- Reese would love to see Marfa :)


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