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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh, don't mind me...

Oh, don't mind me...I'm just posting these wonderful/beautiful/amazing things on here so I will have a reference for what I want in my next home. Because, ya know, some day I'll be rich and will be able to afford these things. Ha!

Farmhouse sink, country-ish style, love the green color, glass front cabinets.

I die for pocket doors. And these are especially lovely being that they're glass and leading into the pantry.

I love the wide front steps. I don't know why.

A shower without a door. It's a shower cleaners dream! Really, I just love the openness of it all. Not being all cramped in a little, dark shower. Either of these would do...

Or if I really want to get crazy, I could basically have a whole shower room like this. This is something I definitely would not want to clean on my own though. It'd take like an hour. No, thanks.

This is all I'll post right now. But later I'll get into pools, decor, patios/decks, and much more. Oh, I know you're excited.


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