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Monday, July 11, 2011

I pretended to be young again.

I needed to come back to work this morning to get a rest from this past weekend. Oh, it was fun. Lots of fun. But I'm sure my body is not made to be a mom, wife, maid, AND partier. I think you can only be 3 our of 4 of those things. Pick and chose.

We were pretty non-stop from Saturday morning until Sunday night. Went to Atlanta both days, saw friends both days. Martha got to spend more quality time with Grana (who she actually calls Nana now) Saturday night while Chris and I were pretending to be young people.

I got some really great video of people at Ashely's party. I brought my laptop to work today to work on the editing on my lunch break. I just really wish the lighting could have been better, but it was night, so what are you gonna do? Oh, have a light on your camera? Yeah, I have one of those, but people tend to freeze and stop talking when they notice they're being filmed.

The video should be up within a few days. Prepare yourselves to see a bunch of drunk people saying happy birthday and Ashley dancing on the bar. Because that is definitely what the entire video will consist of.


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