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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Purity is sexy.

I guess everyone learns things in their own way and time. I just can't help but stand frustrated as all get out on the sidelines wanting to yell at people "Look at yourself!"

I'm guilty of not taking good advice. I'm guilty of hurting people knowing exactly what I was doing. I'm guilty of wanting to be the cool/pretty girl that allllllll the guys like. But I've always had enough respect for myself to not treat my body like it was up for the taking.

Remember when kissing used to be a big deal? Remember when you would go out on a few dates with a guy and your heart would start pounding when you had your first kiss with him? God.....that was such an amazing feeling. So exciting! So when did kissing turn into something that you'll do with just about anybody? Someone you don't even have the desire to date, a convenient (or persistent) body in a drunken state, or even a contest.

Once your reputation has been ruined, you can pretty much kiss it goodbye. I've heard some not great comments from guys about people I love and care about that I'm worried wouldn't even phase them. To me, it's a problem when you can't see that there's a problem.

Look at yourself!


At 7:08 AM , Blogger katiewhitecoat said...

yes. yes. yes! you have, likewise, taken the words from my mouth!

At 2:09 PM , Blogger dave.gordon said...

i'm proud of you for posting this. acting like a woman instead of a girl is pretty sexy too if you ask me.


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