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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I imagine that Subject Title to be spoken as the Target Lady from SNL as she slides someones credit card through the machine. "Approved!"

Anyway, we're officially pre-qualified for our home loan says our finance guy Mr. Moody. I really could just call him Eric, but when you have a last name like Moody you should use it at all times.

Our Realtor, Mr. Cato, is actually one of Chris's friends Dads. I'm not quite sure how to use apostrophes in those three words all together like that. (Chris's friend's Dad's) (Chris' friends Dad's) Oh, I don't know.

We're going out with Mr. Cato, or Mike...whatever you want to call him, on Saturday. We have a list of 11 houses in Lawrenceville that we want to look at. I doubt we'll get to them all in one day, but we might try to. They're all in the same area so getting from one place to another won't be a problem.

We are all ready, set, go on this so basically when we find the house we want, we're ready to make an offer. Exciting!


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