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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I need a new business card.

Shaunna "Making It Happen" Turner
Getting Shit Done Professional

Seriously though...I can get some shit done.

My most recent accomplishment is selling my parents kitchen table and chairs on Craigslist within 2 days and for more than they thought they'd get for them. Also, I finally heard back from the people at work that run the blood drives. I'd pitched the idea of doing a Be The Match drive here a few weeks ago. (It's a bone marrow donor program.) Someone I know has recently started treatment for cancer and has been promoting Look into it if you don't know about it. I became part of the bone marrow registry early last year when they changed sign ups from $25-$50 to free. So, I'm officially in the registry bank. Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to do a donor drive at my work along side of the Red Cross blood drive that we do every few months. So, I talked to some people and they finally got back to me today. Looks like it's going to happen! They just have to check with Be The Match and Red Cross to make sure they can work together since they want to do them on the same day.

These are just two more things that I can add to my list. The list is long. (Did I mention I found homes for 7 cats within just a few weeks?) If you need something done, I can do it.

Is there a market for people that can make things happen? Because I feel as though it's my calling...


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