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Monday, March 26, 2012

Nope, I'm just fat.

Friend: (Looking at my belly...) Are you starting to show already?! How far along are you?
Me: Nope, I'm just fat. I'm only 9 weeks.


We had just gone out to dinner where I ate my weight in pad thai. (I know, I should have eaten less.) Thing is, all the food I had eaten the day before and all that day was still just sitting there in my stomach making me look a good 16-18 weeks pregnant. Your digestion slows down during pregnancy, so I feel like all my food is sitting there in my body just hanging out for, like, ever. I know it's because of the change in hormones and possibly the iron, but man, I feel full almost always. Even when I feel hungry, I still feel full. It's a confusing sensation.

And sometimes I get SO SO SO thirsty that I could drink a gallon of water, but even just a few sips makes my stomach feel so full that if I drank anything more I would explode. So, it's either be really thirsty or explode.

I try to spread out my eating, but Lord I swear it doesn't help. So, I'll just go around looking like I'm twice as pregnant as I really am.

The good news is that at 10 weeks pregnant with Martha I was already in maternity pants because of the extra sac that I had. It was like I was carrying twins until the empty sac was absorbed. Luckily, I'm still in regular clothes right now. I always forget that there was almost twins before.

So, if you see me any time soon and my belly is big, just know that it's because 1 - I'm fat and 2 - there's probably about 6 meals still trying to be processed through my body.


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