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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My second (but largest) shower was on Sunday. Kimberly, Cyndi, and my Mom (I think she helped?) did such an awesome job with everything. I hope they know how much I appreciate all that they did to make it memorable. I'd add pictures on here, but I didn't bring my camera. I'll have to get some from other people that were more prepared than I was.

The abundance of clothes that Martha got was INSANE! I'd already collected quite a bit from stuff I'd bought on my own and stuff we were given at Christmas, so now it's like a pink and white bomb went off in her closet. So many cute things though. My mom said that we'll just have to put her in 3 outfits a day.

Along with all the clothes, I got so many other essentials that I am SO thankful for. Bottles, diapers, wipes, bathtub, lotions, baby wash, pacifiers, etc. I seriously can't even name it all here. It was so much stuff. And Martha's room right now is proof that she's going to be so super spoiled.

(Man, my puppy has CRAZY separation anxiety. She's whining so hard outside the office door right now.)

One crappy thing about the shower was that only 2 of Chris's relatives came. 2. It's just baffling that no one bothered to come. The past few times that we've seen his side of the family (the ones that live here, not in Florida), we've been told "Make sure we're invited to the shower!" Seriously, multiple times. Chris even talked to one of his aunts a few weeks ago and she said that they'd have at least 10 people from his side attending. WHAT HAPPENED?! Well, we heard from the 2 cousins that DID attend the shower that it's pretty common that things like that happen with them. Chris was pretty bummed. He even called his dad a few times to see what the heck happened to his step-mom not showing and, of course, his dad hasn't answered his calls, nor tried to call him back. That's typical Kevin for ya though. Now that I think of it, I don't know why I was so surprised that so few of Chris's family came. I will say that we did receive 2 gifts in the mail from a few people that either live too far to attend or are too old to make the trip out. I know for sure that his mom and grandma in Florida would have 100% been there if they could have taken the time and money to make the trip too. They've both sent us multiple gifts already, which is totally awesome.

I think sometimes people assume the person is just all about the gifts they're getting and don't think twice about who actually came to the shower. At my first shower, one of my closest friends (was a bridesmaid in my wedding too) didn't come. And now at the second shower there was a noticable lack of Chris's kin. I care about seeing these people! It's not just about the gifts. The fact that so many other people made so much effort to be there makes it even more frustrating to me that some other people just. don't. care.

Ok, enough bitching. I had a really great shower and I'm so so so so so happy that all the people that came, did. For those that didn't...well, you didn't. And that says something. That's all.

I have one more shower left. The work shower. They're combining my birthday celebration and the shower into one party on April 7th. After that, I will be done and done. Then I just sit back and wait for Martha. I'm really looking forward to the down time in the last few weeks before she comes when everything is set up and ready and all I have to do is wait.


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