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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Yes, we're crazy. I know this.

Who gets a puppy just 8 weeks before they have a baby? We do. I'm totally aware that this isn't standard practice. Trust me when I tell you that I fully understand what I'm getting myself into and I will not be one of those people that gives their dog away when the baby comes. I'm 100% committed. And, of course, we took everything into consideration before making our decision. (Including the whining, "accidents", chewing, and additional responsibilities and training.) Unless, for some reason, our new puppy poses a physical threat to Martha, she's ours until she passes away.

So, here's Reagan...

She's a shar pei mix. Her mother was a full blooded shar pei and they're not sure what the father was. I'm thinking it was probably a yellow lab or something like that. But really, who knows...

The first night with her was good. We wore her out before bedtime so she slept well. We treated her by letting her sleep in the bed with us, but that won't be happening again. Not because she was bad. (She actually slept really well.) We just don't want dog hair and dog smell all over the sheets, especially when Martha will be in bed with us on occasion in a few months.

The first morning with her was not so good. She still needs to work on the potty training. That's something you can expect from an 8 week old puppy though.

Taco and Turtle are adjusting. Taco is pretty ok with everything. I'm assuming that's because he's been around dogs before. Turtle isn't doing as well. There is lots of hissing. He just needs some time to realize she's not going anywhere and everything will be cool.


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