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Sunday, April 04, 2010

April, Baby!

So, at my appointment last week, my doctor said I was measuring big (again) so she asked if I wanted to do an ultrasound that day to get an idea of how big Martha is. I believe my response was something like, "YES!!!"

I'm aware, and the ultrasound tech explained as well, that the further along in the pregnancy, the harder it is to estimate an accurate size, so their estimation is just estimation. She said they like to get within a half pound, but you really never know until the baby is born.

Anyway, she said that at 36 weeks, Martha is looking to be about 7 and a half pounds! If the tech was in the ballpark and Martha really is that big a week ago, that's pretty crazy. If I went full-term to 40 weeks then she may be 8 and a half to 9 pounds when she is born.

So, my doctor said "I'm thinking we might want to induce you a little bit early. Probably around 2 and a half to 3 weeks from now." And I believe my response was something like, "THAT SOUNDS GREAT!"

That would put Martha being born a week to a week and a half early, which is totally fine and legit and I'm alllllll for it.

Because of this news, we've been getting more prepared so we're not doing everything at the last minute. My mom bought a diaper bag for me and a robe to wear at the hospital. And I'm hoping that the gifts that a few people from work bring over on Saturday will cover the last few important items on our registry. Oh, and Chris' mom should be ordering the stroller and car seat very soon.

I'm just so super excited to finally have this pregnancy over and have Martha here. I want to see what she looks like. I want to see if she has any hair. I want to finally hold her instead of having her jab at me from the inside.

I'm so close. So. Very. Close.


At 8:22 PM , Blogger A Lil Story said...

how exciting!! I can't wait to meet her!!

At 5:18 AM , Blogger kimberly dorris said...

I am ready for Cohen to meet his little cousin!


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