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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


What happens when you move out of Atlanta to the burbs and are the first of your friends to have a kid?

You stop knowing a lot of people.

When Chris and I lived in Grant Park, we went out all the time. There was a guaranteed hang out every Friday and Saturday night. And then church on Sunday night. Most of the time you go out at least two or three times during the week too. No wonder I knew so many people...

As soon as we left the city though, it all went away. We had to make an effort to go hang out. It wasn't as easy as getting a text saying to meet somewhere in 30 minutes and being able to throw on some clothes and go there. Because we had to make that effort and the drive was considerably longer, we probably only went to Atlanta once a week.

Then we got married which cut that down even more. Then Martha got here and we're lucky if we make it down to Atlanta to hang out once every 3 weeks. And even then, most of the time we have Martha with us, so we aren't staying out late because we need to go home and put her to bed.

I am not complaining at all. I quite enjoy my life in Gwinnett. I don't need to see my friends every day. I still talk to the important ones often. And they're the ones I see when I do make the effort to go out.

I talked with Chris the other night about how a lot of people we know and used to party with are still at that place where they go out a ton and know a ton of people because of that. It's hard to still relate with them sometimes. We're not completely out of the loop, but it's a huge difference. Since we no longer see these people all the time, we don't know everything about them. We don't get invited to some things. We have to play catch up every time we see them.

Also, because we don't really feel like Trinity is our church anymore (I haven't felt at home there in a long time), it's not like we can use Sunday as a good day to go and see people there.

We're looking to find a church that fits us better somewhere in our area. We don't like the mega churches though. That's just weird. We're going to try out some places soon and hopefully we can find somewhere that we like. We're hoping to go on a regular basis when Martha is a little bit older. I'd like fore her to grow up in church like I did.

Anyway. Routine changes when you move, get married, and have a kid. I try to go with the flow and keep the friends that are most important to me close. Everything/everyone else falls away.

And I'm selfishly excited that D&T are having twinsies soon. Finally, friends that will understand what it's like to hang out with a kid in tow!


At 6:14 PM , Blogger A Lil Story said...

I hear ya... we went through the same thing with our chilis friends when we got married... everyone still expected us to be able to hang out every night. Sometimes I wish I lived a little closer to a "happenin"" area, but most of the time I am happy livin out in the boonies, with the hubs and 3 kids =)

At 3:34 PM , Blogger Heather said...

know what you mean. but i was never a hip, hang out kinda girl anyway. but the upside is that you have everything and everyone you need right there with you. i'm a complete home-body and love it.


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