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Monday, December 27, 2010


So, Christmas is over. New years is in just a few days and then life is back to normal.

Martha got her first ear infection on the 23rd. Scared me and Chris to death. She was burning up, shaking, and just wanted to lay in my arms and cry. Her 103 degree fever finally came down after some tylenol and sleep at 4:30 AM. She's an early bird...that's for sure. I went into labor with her at 4:00 in the morning and now her first time getting sick (other than a cold) was at 2:00 in the morning. She had a double ear infection confirmed on Christmas Eve. She was feeling pretty good by that night though after 2 doses of antibiotics. And then we woke up Christmas morning to her first tooth poking through! The very next day she had her second tooth pop up too!

She got a lot of toys and clothes from family. I think she had a good first Christmas.

Chris and I kept it pretty low key this year. We both went over the budget we set for each other, but it was worth it. We only had about 4-5 gifts for each other, but they were good gifts.

I'm happy that all the traveling and gift giving is over. I can take a break from having to do anything for a few months. Maybe I'll stop yawning at some point.

Martha is really starting to show her personality more and more these days. She's still not crawling, but she gets around by rolling. I feel like crawling is just around the corner though. She just has to learn how to move those legs! She loves to talk (she says "ba" a lot) and scream. Just this week she's started to be really sweet and lean over toward me with her arms out if she wants me to pick her up. It's nice to feel needed.


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