Shaunna Faye

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Give me peace and rest and more oxycodone.

Sickness has taken over my body. The past 2 days I've had a fever and have done nothing but take pills and sleep. The futon in my living room has become my personal sanctuary where Taco and I cuddle and lay all day watching bad reality TV for 10 minutes and then we both drift off to sleep.

My Mom tells me to go back to the doctor and tell them about the pleurisy because it should be gone by now (a week and a half later) and it's not. She says maybe I have pneumonia or something since I'm still coughing.

I got the billing statement for what Dekalb Medical Center will be charging my health insurance company...$800. Eight hundred freaking dollars. That's insane. Thank goodness I have insurance or I would have been screwed. There has only been about 1 year of my life where I didn't have insurance and I must's terrifying.

So, in all of my sickness I pray for rest (not just passing out from pain pills) and for me and almost every single one of my other friends that are also sick to get well.

Saturday is my birthday party. I WILL BE WELL BY THEN.


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