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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Make the world brand new. Take the time for you.

I find myself scoffing at the mere mention that anyone could possibly be successful at being a musician. I take that back..."being successful" is such a loose term. I scoff at the ones that say they will be rich and famous. They talk about how they will get signed and their band will take off and be immediately popular. I've seen the trials and hardships of musicians second hand (I say second and not first only because I wasn't actually in the band myself). I was there when the excitement of being recognized and the possibility of getting a good record deal set in. And I was there when reality came crashing down on everyone's heads. After seeing how difficult it was (is) for someone I used to be so close to...I've learned to take things lightly. I've learned to expect the worst. That none of the trillion musicians I know will ever make it into any sort of popularity.

I suppose that's how I handle everything though...very lightly.

And that might be why I've always been ok with people (guys) coming and going in my life. Because I expected the worst. I expected them to leave. Just like I expect none of my incredibly talented friends to make it big in the music industry.

You can have a million possibilities that you'll get a good deal, you can get signed and dropped, you can get sponsorships and lose them. Nothing is ever certain. Just like you can tell someone you love them, make plans for the future, and say you'll never leave. But you do. Nothing is ever certain.

Maybe I'll be proven wrong though. Maybe someone will make it. And maybe someone won't leave. Actually, I'm counting on it.


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