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Friday, February 27, 2009

Do your feet hurt? Did you fall from heaven?

What a freaking day.

The flooded bathroom problem that happened before we bought the house came back to haunt us today. BOTH bathrooms flooded. The plumber came out and said that our main plumbing line (or whatever) is backed up. That's why our kitchen sink drains so slowly and that's why both bathrooms flooded. So, apparently the problem was never fixed before we bought the home, even though we were told it was. There goes $400.

I suppose other than plumbing disasters, everything else is going fine. Well except for that it's supposed to be storming allllll day tomorrow when we're moving in. There's going to have to be some strategic parking going on with the Uhaul to get it as close to the garage as possible to avoid getting everything wet.

Anywho, my feet are killing me and I have to go find my luggage and pack a few more things in the basement.

I promise at some point I'll have something more interesting to write about.

For now, it's all about the house and school work. Which, by the way, I spent 4 hours doing an essay outline and works cited page last night and I'll be damned if I don't get a 100 on that mother. Bump my grade back up to an A where it belongs.


At 4:39 AM , Blogger Daniel D said...

I'm actually pretty pumped about the challenge of moving in the rain...I guess we'll just try and not screw up your carpets. I'm sure dad has a drop cloth or something that we can use.


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