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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I'm too boring for an April fools joke.

Yesterday was the first day of my A&P class. We were supposed to just have lecture from 5:30 to 7:50, but my wonderful teacher wasn't decided on lab days so he just figured on the fly to make lab right after lecture of that day, instead of Thursday like it was supposed to be. Nothing special there, it just sucked because I didn't eat dinner or anything. I did, however, get a pretty decent lab partner with a kick ass name (Sloan, which really is her first name).

The first day of class was boring and crappy and I know I'm going to have to spend sooooo much time studying. He said 40% of us would drop the class within the first week. Awesome. I paid $250 for these books. I'm not dropping anything.

I have the office all set up and ready to go at home, yet I can't make myself do any actual studying when I keep thinking of a billion other things I want to get done before my housewarming/birthday party on Saturday. I didn't even go to work today to get stuff done and things just keep getting added to the list.

Our house looks like a lived in house though, with pictures and curtains hung. Rooms are color coordinated. (Except the office, but that's because who coordinates their office?)

Now I'm just stalling. I guess I'll go pop in my lecture DVD, then go through the lecture power points, then maybe go over my notes, probably pop in the CD Rom, then move on to the lab manual, maybe my text book after that, and then POSSIBLY get to one of the 2 assignments that are due on Saturday.

I hate school.


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