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Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm getting too old for this...

Really? No one wanted to comment on my last post about Ashton Kutcher? Well....ok...

So, I got blood test results back from the doc. Apparently I have extremely high insulin levels. So, I have to fast and go back in Monday morning to test again. I mean, dang. A girl can't catch a break. All I wanted was for the good ol' gyno to tell me there's no apparent reason for me not getting knocked up, give me some pills to help that along, and bing bang boom - preggers. It really just can't be that simple, can it?

Well, the interwebs says high insulin levels can cause ringing in your ears. It's all coming together!!! I seriously, not even joking, have had CONSTANT ringing in my ears for like a month now. I had already set an appointment at my normal doctor for next Friday to see what was up with that before I got these results back. This insulin shit most likely explains it. So, we'll see what these blood tests on Monday say. I'll probably just be told to change my diet, exercise more, and it'll level itself out. Probably. Way to go, fatty!

Anyway, I have nothing important to say here. I'm tired.


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