Shaunna Faye

Monday, May 04, 2009

Ready, already.

Today is my one year anniversary being married to Chris. If we weren't having such horrible weather, we were going to see the Braves play tonight. Instead, we're getting another estimate on replacing out HVAC, going to check out a new restaurant near where we live, then Chris is going to watch a hockey game. Exciting, huh? Well, we just can't make big plans or anything because we don't have the money right now and there are just so many other things we need to get done soon. We already got one estimate on the air conditioner, but we thought we'd get another to compare. I have a feeling they'll be around the same amount....equally racking up our credit card that we just paid off.

I took the day off today because I had another Dr. appointment. They just have to run some blood tests to check my hormone levels and whatnot. I'm impatient with all this stuff. We've been trying to get preggers for a year now. Just give me some drugs and let me pop out some twins already. I just hate the whole process of tests and scans and wait this long and come back in two months and blah blah blah. Ugh.



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