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Thursday, May 14, 2009

When Ashton tweets, you answer.

Hey, remember when Ashton Kutcher beat CNN to 1 million on Twitter? And remember when he promised to "ding dong ditch" Ted Turner? Well, Kelli and I promised ourselves that when Ashton was in Atlanta and he asked the Atlanta "tweeps" to come witness the event, we would go. Luckily, she and I were wrapping up a Wednesday night Girls Night when Ashton told people to meet him at the fountain in Centennial Park. We were 3 miles away. How could we not go?

Strangely, we know one of Ted Turner's personal assistants. So, we called another friend that was with him and they were headed down to the park too. They scoped it out to make sure we wouldn't waste our time going. 5 minutes later, we were standing literally 5 feet from Ashton and Demi.

I won't go into detail about the happenings, but it was pretty cool. I snapped a few shots from my iPhone, but of course if anything in the picture is moving it's going to be blurry, so this is one of the best ones I got.

Naturally, Ashton is at least 1,000 times better looking in person, as is Demi Moore. Tiny too. Demi, not Ashton.

No, I didn't get to "P-Diddy Poke" them like I was able to a few years back with Mr. Combs, but being so close to them was cool enough.

Now, I'll stop sounding like a super fan and go back to my business.


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