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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When you realize it's a pattern and not a phase...

In an effort to get out of this HORRIBLE mood I'm in, I'm going to speak of only good things.

1. I registered for 2 out of 3 classes that I have left before my actual program starts. Just 1 more class next quarter, then 5 more quarters of full-time student-ing, and I'll be able to FINALLY move my way into the medical field. Really, it's been a long time coming. When I was little I wanted to be a mom and a nurse. Basically, my mother. It was only a matter of time.

2. Full-time student-ing is scary. Student loans are scary. But I am MORE than excited to start that part. 9-6 schedules really break you down.

3. I've had a constant ringing in my ears for 2 and a half straight weeks now. I plan on seeing a doctor about it soon. I suppose I shouldn't really be putting this on a list of "good" things. Let's can I twist this to make it good? How about, when I go deaf from this ringing in my ears I'll learn sign language and that's pretty cool. Right? Sure.

4. My nephew, Cohen, was dedicated at church on Sunday. I really can't even explain how cute he is. I think it's impossible to put his cuteness into words. Anyway, it was a cool day. He got his little new testament bible that we all got when we were dedicated as babies. Then there was dinner at my sister-in-law's parent's house. It was a nice day. And being back in a baptist church after all these years was funny. So....typical, I guess you could say.

5. My weekly girls night plan didn't work out so much. But, Kelli and I decided to go through with it anyway even if people flake out every single week. At least that way we can still see each other and the one other random girl that decides to make it. I am also having a date with Amanda on Thursday evening. We're going to eat pizza, drink some dranks, and talk talk talk. There's so much we have to catch up on and we're almost always interrupted when we try to talk in a public place. So, this time we're hanging out at David and Tanya's where she's house-sitting while they're on their cruise.

And...that's all. I must remember to water my garden this evening. The rain hasn't been keeping up enough.


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