Shaunna Faye

Friday, August 21, 2009

A one and a two.

Crazy person speak: Well, it's CD29 which I think will soon be turning into CD1 if these cramps are any indication. And that would be right on schedule. So, just waiting on good old AF and we'll start all over. If for some reason she doesn't show up today or tomorrow I'll test again on Sunday. I am about 99% sure it won't come to that though. That means I'll make another trip to the lovely Dr. on Monday so I can sit in the waiting room for an hour, show someone my lady parts, and get another prescription. Angry face.

Normal speak: Chris is up at lake Hartwell this weekend with some friends. I, of course, was invited but declined. I'd rather stay here, sleep in a huge bed all by myself with Chris nowhere near to push me off or hit me in the face 7 times, get some homework done, and hang out with my friends. Normally weekends are pretty bland, but I'm going to Taqueria tonight with the Gordons, Miss Ross, and Miss Kellz. Tomorrow I have to go register my car and get a tag. I'm sure that will be preceded by or post yard sales. And then there will be much homework to get done. Sunday is laaaaazy day. Wake up, more homework, Chris will get home, we'll probably go see my parents, etc.

I'm considering getting a new shower curtain. Yeah, exciting married stuff.

I'm very tired.


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