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Monday, September 07, 2009

A labor break.

This weekend was just what I needed. Tons of extra time. Chris and I got the whole house clean from top to bottom. We (I) got to sleep soooooo much. And we just got to do a whole bunch of relaxing.

We've had to come up with a new cleaning plan. Normally I do most of the inside stuff except for the kitchen (Chris likes doing dishes for some reason) and I leave all the yard work up to him. Now, Chris has taken over cleaning the bathrooms in exchange for me taking over the kitchen. The closed in space of the bathrooms with all the chemical smells just isn't good for me right now. Also, Chris has to scoop the litter boxes. (There's some weird bacteria thing that preggers women can pick up from them so they suggest not doing it.) Anyway, I still vacuum, sweep, dust, do the kitchen, etc. I just have to take frequent breaks to not over extend myself - which I think I might have actually done today because I'm not feeling too well right now. Or maybe I just don't feel well because I'm not supposed to be feeling well. Whatever.

Now, if I was as good at making myself study as I am at coming up with excuses not to study, I'd be a smart cookie. I've just tonight actually started to go over all my notes for my finals on Wednesday. It's easier to learn all the body parts and where they're located than it is to learn what they all do and in what order. Eh.

Laundry is going right now, I'm supposed to be studying, and I'm thinking about going to 9:30. Maybe after I fold this load.


At 6:13 PM , Blogger kimberly dorris said...

One the most awesome things about being pregnant was not having to clean the litter box! I am still trying to milk that one while Cohen is nursing. One of the other awesome things is having an excuse to go to bed as early as you want.


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