Shaunna Faye

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Right Now

Right now:

-Sierra Mist and Water are my BFF. Ice cold only.
-Even the thought of Vitamin Water makes me want to barf.
-I can only make myself eat about half of what I used to.
-Morning sickness lasts from about lunch time until I go to bed.
-The nausea is more annoying than painful. I don't think I'll ever actually puke. I'll just always feel like I want to.
-A week from tomorrow I will be getting my first ultrasound. If the way my body has reacted is correct, then I feel like this one is going to stick for sure.
-It's really only been 2 days that I've felt bad, but I've already forgotten what it feels like to not have an upset stomach.
-This acid reflux is a BITCH.
-I'm seriously considering switching refrigerators with my parents older one (my Mom offered when we first moved into the house) for the sole reason of having crushed ice on hand.


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