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Monday, October 19, 2009

12 weeks

12 weeks along and I do believe I'm starting to show a baby belly and not just a fat belly. It's debatable though.

We're hoping that at our next appointment on Nov. 12th, we'll be able to find out the sex. I would REALLY love to know so I can decide on nursery decor.

We bought our first baby item a few days ago. It's a really sweet video monitor. So, not only can I listen in on baby sleeping, I can also watch what's going on in there. There are a few larger items that we're buying ourselves instead of putting on the registry. This was one of them. A breast pump is next on the list.

I started cleaning out the nursery this weekend and Chris started putting up shelves in the garage so we can store things out there instead. We didn't finish either of those tasks.

We picked out the pack and play and stroller/car seat combination at Babies R Us. Red and brown. Can go for either a boy or a girl!

Here's the most recent ultrasound picture:


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