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Thursday, October 01, 2009


I'm finding it very difficult to hold back feelings of "I don't want to hear about your baby because you're just WAY too giddy about it."

It's horrible, I know. But here's the thing - I know that most people don't care about the fact that I'm growing a fetus 24 hours a day. Outside of my family and my blog, I really don't talk about it much...because I know that 99% of people don't care to hear about it.

So, it's hard for me to hear people being just so incredibly excited and praising Jesus and blah blah blah. Again, I know that sounds horrible.

They should be excited. They should praise Jesus. But do that have to do that in a public forum where eeeeeeeeveryone is reading it? It just makes me want to gag. But, that might go back to me just not being a mushy person. At all. Ever.

And I do feel bad about it. I do go along with it. I give the congratulations and ask and answer the questions. Pregnant people bond with other pregnant people. I get it. And I'm sorta ok with that. My problem here is the blatant "Praise God!" comments and calling the tiny baby those little nicknames that all pregnant people call their fetus. Like, Peanut, and stupid stuff like that.

Listen, I like to talk about my baby. A lot. I just don't do it unless I'm asked, which is usually never. And I like being asked because I like talking about my baby because it's interesting to me. But I know it's not interesting to other people. So, unless I'm asked, I try not to talk about it...unless there's something cool happening that someone close to me might also think is cool. And in that case, I'm ok with bringing it up, but just to that person that's close to me. Not all of the internets.

Am I going to hell?

Am I going to end up deleting this? Because I'm kind of already starting to feel bad about writing it. Maybe this is one of those things I should keep to myself.


At 9:58 AM , Blogger Daniel D said...

Nah, I get it. When Kimberly was pregnant, it was just about all we talked about over at Mom and Dad's. It was definitely exciting, and we wanted to talk about it with our family. Outside of the family, though, I was a little more reserved with the comments.
The same is true now...although sometimes I can't help myself. With the exception of the occasional facebook status update or blog entry, I usually try to keep the Cohen comments for those who I think would care.


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