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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


A hero that has let you down.

This one sucks too. I don't have a "hero" and am pretty sure that I've never really had a "hero." Plus, if I ever did, wouldn't I know not to put anyone up on a pedestal? No one is perfect. So if I looked at someone as if they were a hero, of course they're going to let me down at some point.

I saw a counselor once many years ago. In telling her some history about myself I mentioned that my parents had almost gotten divorced when I was 12, but worked it out and they're still together. She said something to the effect of how something like that could significantly effect a 12 year old girl and that when we all get a little older we realize that our parents are people too. That they aren't perfect and they make mistakes just like anyone does. I guess it's weird for some people to realize that? I'm pretty sure I figured out that my parents are people too when all that stuff happened. Or maybe I was just 12 years old and thought that it wasn't all that unusual for someone to have divorced parents. Honestly, I don't really remember what I thought. All I know is that when the counselor told me that parents make mistakes too, I just thought "Yeah, I know." Like, "Of course they do. Why would I expect them to be perfect?"


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