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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know.

I have an ex that I only dated briefly. Like, 2 months. And I do call him an "ex" rather than a "guy I dated" because in those 2 months we saw each other constantly. It was basically a full blown relationship from our second date. I feel like saying that makes me looking like a psycho girl. It's the honest to God truth though. It was one of those relationships that just happens fast. You rush in and you rush out.

Anyway, he's not someone I need to let go. That happened a long time ago. He's the person I wish I didn't know. I'd say about 99% of the time you can at least take one good thing out of a failed relationship. Perhaps you learned something about yourself or saw a quality in the person that you now realize is something that you should stay away from in future relationships. Well, I got absolutely nothing out of that relationship. Everyone told me from the get-go that he wasn't someone I needed to be with. Close friends didn't like him. I just got sucked in though. After being dumped, it was REALLY hard to get over it. It wasn't for a long time that I saw that everything with him was a test. He was consistently testing me to see what I would do or what I would say in certain situations. I've run into him several times over the years and I hate it every time. It always leaves me with a terrible feeling.

So yeah, I wish I never knew him. I took absolutely nothing from that relationship. I didn't learn a thing and all it did was make me feel bad. I certainly could have lived without those 2 months.


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