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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Between perfect and terrible.

Just when I'd finished my multi-paragraphed complain-fest 2011 post, I read another blog that I frequent and at the very end says this:

"Everyone can look perfect or they can look terrible. And it’s true for every job, as well. Every boss. Every co-worker.

It’s a pretty safe bet that we all live our lives somewhere between the perfect and the terrible. And nothing is really really good always. But there is still sometimes. Because the really really good parts exist only in brief moments.

So when you think you need to switch jobs, or switch cities, or switch spouses, or switch any of the other bazillion things that you might feel are not as good as they should be, remind yourself that your job, your family, and even your dinners are probably pretty much the same as everyone else’s. And remind yourself to enjoy those brief, really, really good parts." Found Here

So I asked Chris on gchat to tell me something really, really good about my job. But before he could answer me my manager came over to my desk and asked to see me in the conference room for a minute. Expecting some lame bi-quarterly-annual reviewthatmeansnothing, I was surprised when she said "What should have taken 3 weeks, took 7 months. Sorry it took so long... you've now been bumped up to a level 2 Record Tech."

Along with the promotion comes a raise. A small one, but it's something. She explains that when I was re-hired a few years ago, they'd started me back making much more than others on the same level. I'm not sure why.

So, maybe it's true... We all live our lives somewhere between perfect and terrible. When I think I need to switch jobs because it's not as good as it should be, I need to remind myself of the brief really, really good parts. Like promotions and raises and days off. And sometimes I just need to say "Shaunna, quit your bitchin'."


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