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Friday, August 05, 2011

I am not invincible.

I am not invincible, although I was really crossing my fingers hard yesterday hoping that I could escape contracting whatever stomach bug Martha and Chris had.

Martha threw up at my Mom & Dad's house on Wednesday, but who knew it would turn into more and more puke? She woke up from her afternoon nap at home in puke. Threw up two more times that night, then woke up the next morning in puke. Who know how long she had been sleeping in it. I have no idea why she didn't cry or wake up and talk or just anything to alert me to the fact that she was rolling around in vomit. When I went to get her up Thursday morning and discovered the mess, she said "shooo weeee" like she does when I change her dirty diapers. She knows what's up. It stank really bad. And that sheet is ruined. One word: blueberries.

Chris picked up the sickness at some point and had his own puke-fest on Thursday when I decided to stay home and help with Martha, per his request. He didn't think he could take care of her and be sick at the same time.

I thought I avoided it... until I got to work today. Stomach pains galore.

I feel bad that I left my one remaining teammate alone yesterday (he said it sucked) so I'm trying to avoid leaving early today. I popped some pepto and am saying silent prayers every half hour or so. I'm on my lunch break right now and have less than 3 hours to go.

I'll summon Patty Loveless as much as I can until I'm safe in my car on the way home. I just need to think about anything but puking...

"I try to think about Elvis, Memphis, Oprah in the afternoon
I try to think about palm trees, fig leaves, the creature of the black lagoon
I try to think about high heels and good deals anything to get me through"


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