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Friday, September 16, 2011

Savannah, again

Chris and I scored a free place to stay in Savannah again thanks to his friend, Josh. We wanted to go one more time before the weather gets too cool for the beach. This time we'll be without Martha or anyone else. (Last time there were 7 other people, Martha, and a dog split between 2 apartments. Try coordinating THAT.)

We've already talked about what we want to do:
-Sit on the beach under umbrellas for hours and hours. Reading, napping, whatever.
-No rushing to get anywhere.
-Eating meals at any time that we want...even having dinner past 6:00. Gasp!
-Walking around to the shops and under the trees. (Last time we didn't have time to do this.)

We're going next weekend. Only extending the trip by a 1/2 day. Martha will be staying with my parents. This is in between the two weekends that my parents will be out of town. Busy busy.

I'm excited for this holiday season. I'm really looking forward to going to Tennessee again too. I wish I could go visit more. It will be a lot of fun with Martha this year. Last year she was just crawling around not doing a whole lot.

We taught her "ice ice baby" yesterday. Those are two of her favorite words so we figured we could string them together. Ha ha. Maybe I'll be able to teach her some of a Christmas song before that time rolls around.


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