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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New new

So here's a weird little thing...
At about 10 weeks I started noticing my mouth was really dry. I thought it was because of the zantac I was taking every day. But then I didn't take zantac for 3-4 days straight but my mouth was still SUPER dry.
I did some googling and apparently it's another normal pregnancy thing that a lot of women experience.
What the hell?
This is just another thing to add on to why I think I'm having a boy this time. I never had this problem with Martha.

Speaking of Martha...while I don't love a clingy baby, sometimes it feels nice to be wanted/needed. When I dropped her off at my parent's house this morning she wanted me to stay and watch tv with them. And when I couldn't, she followed me to the door and then cried when I tried to take her back over to my mom. She wanted me to hold her so I did for a minute then passed her off with a promise of Nana getting her a snack. So sweet that she wanted me to hold her. She's usually the complete opposite. (Wonder where she got that from. Ha.) So, I took advantage of the moment of sweetness because it won't come around again for a while.


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