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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pee in a jug.

I went to my normal, monthly doctor's appointment last Thursday. My blood pressure is up 2 more points. 142/80 this time. My doctor asked me if I had done the 24 hour urine test that she gave me at my appointment the month before. I told her no. That I'm never in one place all day and that I wasn't able to do it. For those of you unfamiliar - the 24 hour urine test is where they give you a big jug and you have to, for an entire 24 hours, collect every single bit of pee in this jug, and keep the jug refrigerated. If for some reason you're out somewhere and you can't wait until you get home to pee in your jug, you have to completely start over the next day.

Let me tell's a hassle. Which is why I didn't do it the first time the doctor told me to. So, at my appointment last week, when my blood pressure clearly isn't getting any better, she told me that I REALLY have to do this test. They're looking for protein in my pee, apparently. I don't know what that means, but I guess it's not good.

So, I stayed home all day on Sunday and peed in my jug. I dropped it off on Monday morning on the way to my final (which I passed), and I have to go back to the doctor on the 22nd. That's in 2 weeks, rather than my usual 4. They'll have my pee results by then and they'll do another ultrasound because Martha wouldn't get her hands off of her face last time.

I'm not sure what the next step is in this whole blood pressure thing. Possibly medication? But is it really that bad? I'm still in the pre-hypertension stage. Not quite high enough to be worried, but not as low as I should be. So, I don't know. I guess I'll find out next Tuesday.


At 7:28 PM , Blogger The Bilslands said...

Praying for you and Martha =) Congrats on passing your final too!

oh, and the boys had a hey-day with the snacks you brought, Thank you so much! =)

At 6:35 AM , Blogger Shaunna Faye said...

Awe, yay! So glad they liked it! I hope we can see you guys soon. Maybe after Christmas...sometime in January...we can all get together.

At 10:24 AM , Blogger Daniel D said...

Sometimes I pee in a jug all know, just because.


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