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Thursday, December 03, 2009

When things happen like they're supposed to.

These past few days have been pretty crazy. Work is piling up, I have a final in a few weeks that I need to study for, and our insurance and trash company decided to mess with us.

A few weeks ago our trash company said that we didn't pay our last payment that was due several months ago, so we needed to pay them within the next couple of weeks or be charged a fee and have our service cut off. I looked back at my records (I pay them through Bank of America Bill Pay) and realized that I'd somehow forgotten to send the payment. It happens sometimes. (Although I think this is my first missed payment for ANYTHING.) So, I promptly paid them to avoid the penalties mentioned. Fast forward yesterday. Got another letter saying that since we didn't pay them, the things they said would happen have happened. Um....excuse me? I looked at my bank info online and sure enough there is a receipt of payment including confirmation number. Chris called the trash people, explained to them that we have paid and have proof. We faxed over the proof, but now they need an actual physical address to where the payment was sent so they can find it. I was just tired with all of it so I contacted the Bank of America customer service and within an hour I had an email back to me saying that they've spoken with the trash company (also providing a name of the person who they spoke with) and that they have provided them with a copy of the check and the issue should be resolved within 5-7 days. I'm REALLY glad that I used the BOA Bill Pay.

THEN - if that weren't enough. I got a call from my lady Dr's office. Our insurance company (that I have through Chris's work) is denying over $2000 worth of claims because they're saying I have no maternity coverage. Trust me, if we didn't have maternity coverage, we would not be having a baby right now. Shit's expensive. So, I had Chris call them and, of course, we do have coverage and they don't know why the claims were denied. They have to re-process everything which will take 45 days, so they said they would call my Dr. office to let them know. I called my Dr. back a few minutes later and they'd already received the call from our insurance company. So, that's all worked out.

These two things took a huge chunk of time out of mine and Chris's days. If things were to happen like they're supposed to, I would be a much happier person.

I'm just glad it's over with. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no more mishaps in the near future.


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