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Monday, May 07, 2012


If it wasn't for this dang upper respiratory infection, I'd be in my "comfortable" stage of pregnancy. Nausea is gone, heartburn is only every now and then, and I'm not big enough to be in pain yet. Martha had this cold first. It was impossible for me to not get it, especially since I can remember the exact moment she coughed literally an inch from my face. I knew then that I'd be getting sick. I took her to the doctor because she kept saying her back hurt (which was really the only reason I took her since the cold was just a cold) but the doctor didn't see anything wrong. Was probably just muscle aches from the cold. I was worried it might be a kidney infection. Funny thing - Brent can't take Ibuprofen because it makes his kidneys hurt. That's what we'd been giving Martha to keep her fever down for a few days. I'm wondering if she has this weird ailment that Brent has. To be safe, we switched to Tylenol. I took her to the doctor the next week for her 2 year check-up and she had an ear infection that she didn't have literally 5 days before that. So, she's finishing up her Amoxicillin soon and besides the random cough or snot running down her nose, she seems to be doing a lot better. When my cold turned so bad that I actually had to use a sick day for being sick, I went to the doctor. I had a lovely upper respiratory infection. The safest antibiotic for a pregnant lady is Amoxicillin, but lucky me is allergic to it. So, they gave me a Z Pack. I called my OBGYN and checked with them first before I started taking it. I'm usually a stickler about taking any medication when I'm pregnant besides regular Tylenol and Zantac (and the promethazine I took during my first pregnancy so I could function without puking). I don't like taking any OTC stuff for colds or anything. My lady parts doctor said the Z Pack was fine. I've finished the pills and I'm still waiting for complete relief. I'm still using the humidifier every night and am coughing up nasty stuff, but it's slowly getting better. With taking any medication, I always worry that it's effecting the baby. I've started to feel random pokes and movement from the dude though, so I always give a small sigh of relief when I feel means he's still doing ok in there. (I know I wouldn't be this paranoid if I'd never lost a baby before.) Chris and I are taking a trip this weekend. He doesn't know where we're going. I've planned it all and he won't know until we get in the car on Friday to leave. It's to celebrate his birthday, Mother's Day, and our Anniversary. This will pretty much count as our summer vacation too. I can't handle the heat of Savannah this year (I get nauseous if I get too hot), so we won't be doing a lot of outside things. Or if we do, there will always be a place nearby for me to go and cool off if I need to. I'm pretty excited about it. We find out the gender of the New One next Saturday. I'm ready to get started on the nursery!


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