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Friday, May 18, 2012

A non-run-on blog.

My last few posts have been giant run-on thoughts it would look like. Sorry about that. I usually blog from work, which only allows Internet Explorer, which Google hates and REALLY limits what you can do on Gmail and Blogger.

Since I worked a half day from home today I'm able to update on Chrome. So hopefully you can see specific paragraphs this time.

I have my doctor's appointment today at 2:30. 16 week check-up. Another ultrasound will be done to check the cyst. I've had an ultrasound at every single appointment so far and will have another one next time because I'll be 20 weeks then and that's standard.

We go to the private ultrasound place tomorrow morning to find out if we're having a boy or a girl!!! I'm planning on trying to make it a big deal to Martha so she'll be excited about it. She rarely thinks about being a big sister. The only time she acknowledges it is when I point it out to her and then she tries to look in my belly button because she wants to see the baby.

Being the super-duper planner that I am, I'll be starting immediately on decorating the new baby's room. I think the more prepared we start being, the more aware Martha will be that a change is coming. She'll be losing her precious play room FULL of toys and her own private TV, but she gets to graduate to a big girl bed and I'm thinking of ways I can make a sort of tent/fort thing that can stay up all the time in her room.

Things that I want to remember:

1 - Martha LOVES to hide right now. She'll just hide under her blanket and giggle away when you do the whole "Where's Martha?" bit. I really think she thinks we can't see her. It's not just the blanket though....she's hidden from my mom at her house and under our bed here at home. She won't answer you when you call her too, which can be scary for a second, but I have pretty much stock piled all her favorite hiding spots in my brain since this is a daily thing now.

2 - While other 2 year olds are learning to talk in sentences, I can't get her to shut up. In the car yesterday she went on and on, paragraph after paragraph telling me stories. It's trying sometimes all the time. Ya know, sometimes you just have to continually say "uh huh, yep" and pretend that you're listening when you're really tuning her out so you can keep your sanity. Some people wouldn't believe that she talks so much because she gets shy around strangers sometimes, but Lord Almighty, we know how things really are. Oh, and I think this morning she officially started asking "Why?" to everything. I complain about the talking, but really I'd rather it be this way than her not talk at all. So I should be grateful that I don't have to figure things out with her...cause she'll straight up tell you what's up.

So, that's it. I'm just super pumped about finding out tomorrow morning if I have an Abel or a Fiona in my belly.


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