Shaunna Faye

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ok, so I tried, but I just can't have two blogs. Well, actually three except I don't use livejournal anymore.
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You're first on my list of things I should keep. Hey, I'm not leaving unless you come with me.

"It was written by the prophets of long ago. Every man has a hungry heart. Like the ones we were given were only half living and we're waiting for the other part. So like Adam needed Eve, I need you now. It was fashioned by God above."

I'm pleased as punch that Mario Kart Madness! Night was a success. It ended with playing some Nertz too. It ended up being me and a bunch of dudes. Story of my life... Max has nicknamed me Wendy. Here is a picture from Saturday of me and The Lost Boys:

I was gonna post a picture of my decorated tree this month but you can't really see what's on it unless you see it in person. It's basically some N64 controllers and games. Who else but me is gonna have an N64 tree for the month of June? No one.

"If you lose your faith, you can have mine."

Friday's overheard at the office: "Alright goodnight Larry, don't forget to wear a Hawaiian shirt Sunday."

"It's the waiting that makes me starving for you. And this hunger will make it that much better with time."

Why has no one ever told me until now how delicious tomato sammiches are? And celery. Oh my gosh... That's pretty much what I'll be eating all summer.

"So we'll wait in this vineyard of precious time where the Master is all we'll need. He knew when to pick us off the vine. He'll know when to make our colors bleed together. They say all this waiting can only sweeten this heart of mine."

You should all go listen to this:
Freaking good stuff.
And then you should go download the rest on iTunes. There's a link to do so right there on his Myspace page. I promise you won't be sorry.

(Just to clarify....those quotes are not Nate Campany. They are Sean McConnell. Nate is just as good though, if not better.)