Shaunna Faye

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Is marriage hard?

Look, I know I'm only 2 years into this thing, but is marriage really that hard?

Maybe it's just because I've had some retarded hard relationships in the past that my relationship with Chris seems so easy.

I have another theory too...

I think a lot of people that struggle so much with being married don't have that "this is permanent" mind set. In the back of their heads there's always that thought that they can just quit and get out and move on.

In my head, I think that this is it. I've got to make this work because this is it. There's no getting out, so we have to work through this.

Fortunately, being only 2 years into my marriage, I haven't had to deal with anything so serious. I think Chris and I have only ever had one real fight.

So, for now, I don't think marriage is that hard.

Check back with me in 5 years though and ask me if I've changed my mind.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boobs and milk.

Man, I'm so tired of hearing women bitch about breast feeding. I don't think I will ever understand how some women are absolutely devastated if they are't able to breast feed. Like, they'll "never get over it." Really? You'll never get over it? Because there aren't other ways to bond with your child?

Give me a break.

I will not be shamed for choosing to bottle feed.
I will not be judged for feeding my children formula.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I could just eat her up.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Week

Since my mom is vacationing this week, Martha is getting to spend time with a few different people so Chris and I can still go to work (for the most part). She spent the day with Tanya on Monday. Tuesday and Thursday is hanging out with Kimberly and Cohen. Wednesday is half a day with me, then half a day with Chris. And Friday I get her all to myself.

I'll be happy when our schedule goes back to normal next week. All this running around to different places at different times if bugging me. At least Martha isn't old enough for it to matter to her too much who is keeping her. And I guess it doesn't hurt for her to spend some time with her aunt and cousin so they can get to know each other better.

I have my mandatory meeting for the Surgical Tech program on Wednesday afternoon. I'll get all the program information there and sign up to take the HOBET. If all goes well with the HOBET, then I'll be interviewing with the program director and SURELY securing my spot. Right? Right. School will start in mid-September. Because I'm that confident that I'll be accepted. Sure.

I really wish it wasn't a full-time, 8-4 M-F thing. That leaves little room for work. I will be working though. I have to. Student loans only cover so much, ya know?

I've been on a HUGE Netflix TV kick lately. I've started Veronica Mars, Friday Night Lights (although I've already seen the most recent season), and Breaking Bad. I got through all 4 seasons of Bones and Dexter before all of those.

Man, I love TV.